Java4K 2008 Game Programming Competition Results

Judge: Arni Arent (appel)

Game Author Technical Score Technical Comment Presentation Score Presentation Comment Overall Score Overall Comment
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Mark Bernard 85% The strongest side of this game is the technical aspect, air traffic control simulators are complex I can imagine, with all it's many variables. This game does a good job convincing you you're actually air traffic controlling. 60% Simple 4 coloring theme, provides a sufficent interface for a game of this sorts. 70% The game has a high learning curve, instruction text (on site) was too detailed and many will shy away from trying this game because of that. Graphics were sufficient for a simulator of this sort, and the technical aspect was good.
Ascent gareth 50% Nothing special really. 60% Had sound effects. 55% Easy to play but gameplay is almost non-existant. You don't know where you are, what the mission is, what those things coming down the screen are. You select one path to move into and hope it doesn't squeeze you to collide with it. Cannon useless.
Faeries catch Bonbon-Chan 50%    60%    60% You've got to be really patient to play this game. Honestly I didn't last long in this game, I tried it a few times and I didn't feel any pleasure playing it. It looks ok, although I don't understand why these stars are "falling down". A bit too sluggish to control the bubble.
FkConflict Blaine Hodge 90%    85% Nice use of shapes, the world looks just about right and colors are fine. Must have been a difficult job making those polygons :) 90% Wow. I've tried to implement a Risk game before and I know how difficult it can be. This is a pretty nice little implementation of Risk, although limited, but still very playable. I really look the camera moving around the world where "battles" take place. Nice job.
Life as War Erik Hooijmeijer 50%    40% Just a grid, not much to say about it. 50% Kinda strange game. I click and click and something happens, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything fun, things seem to happen in a very random way. Not sure what else I can say about this game.
Mini Golf Tim Foden 95% I like how the levels are generated using characters. 95% Really cool 3D effect, simple yet effective graphics. 95% This is one of my favorite 4K game, and I've played it a few times. I really like the 3D effect, and it's FUN! It has many levels and different types. It's not too hard and not too easy.
PAC-RAT Glen Carter 60% Always some technical challenge to implement a pacman clone if you haven't done it before. 60% Nothing fancy, pretty sure the graphics could have been better and smaller in size (bytes). Cat and mouse is a nice idea though :) 60% A semi good pacman clone, I believe I've seen better implementation in the 4K competition, but this one is fair enough and some people might like it. Only one map though.
Pinball 4K Tom-Robert Bryntesen 90%    90% Nice shadows, gives it a depth. 90% Really cool pinball game. Graphics are good looking, and the game is fully functional! I like how the camera moves around the screen following the ball. I see nothing wrong with this game. Personally I don't like pinball games, but I know there are many people that like them and I'm pretty sure this is a good implementation.
Scala Pong 4K Tom Palmer 0%    0%    0% Hm... Hardly a game really!
Sharp Shooter Mark Bernard 50%    50%    50% I find this game rather difficult :(
Spiderball4k Måns Olson 95%    95%    95% One of my favorite. At first it didn't impress me a lot, but as I kept playing it I came to realize that this was a great great superb game! Very original I must admit, nice physics, lots of levels and it is one of the most addicting games in this years competition.
Spingle Måns Olson 85%    90% Very nice graphics, the clouds, coins, and those ice blocks. I especially like how the sky changes from light blue to deep blue as you climb higher up, giving the feel you're going to the stars :) 85% Ahh.. The jumping game :) I find this game to be pretty nice, although I wish it was, I honestly suck at it. It's challenging enough just to stay alive, trying to collect those gold coins is suicide. At least you play the game until you die.
Switchboard Simon 75%    70%    80% Original game. Kinda gives you an idea of how boring it must have been to do this 9-5 every day as a job back in the 1950's. Pretty complex game though, and stressful, not for the lesser minded people :)
t4kns Markus Persson 83%    95% Pretty nice graphics for a game that got tons of logic code! 90% Yet another attempt to make a RTS game in the 4K competition! :) Hurray! You almost got it. Personally I find the gameplay rather dull, but it's still a functional RTS game and it's 4K!!! The graphics are just awesome!
TAtome Bonbon-Chan 60%    50% Hard to see what connects where. I think one of the problem with this game is that it's not visually easy, to see where things go. 60% A functional tetris type game. Not sure how to make molecules, pretty hard game. Really need to adjust the difficulty of it, so it's easy to start to play. For a tetris game I found this one pretty hard to understand.
The Puppet Master Morne Alberts 50%    20%    30% Ok, hehe, what the heck is this? Sure some nice skeleton animation, but that's about it. Where is the game?
Thief4k Ulf Ochsenfahrt 95%    90%    93% A true gem! :) This game surprised me, I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I enjoyed it. Nicely implemented. I like the light effect and how it cuts off on the walls and doors. Could use more levels maybe.
war4k Michael Bliem 50%    80% Pretty cool graphics I must say. The background is really nice, reminds me of a darkish forest. 50% I have mixed feelings about this game. There is nearly no gameplay in it, but it looks pretty nice...I like this effect. But as a game that is played for fun it's not really good.
Z4rch Simon 95%    85%    80% Not a very fun game to play, but the implementation is very impressive, both technical and presentation wise, and there is still some gameplay in it. Rather heavy on the CPU though.
4k - Balance Luis Javier López Arredondo 85%    50%    70% Kevin Glass implemented a Tilt game like this for the 4K competition, you should take a look at it. IMO this version is not very fun to play, but you still got the technical aspect of it correct... visually it's not working.
Sling Tomas Aleus 80% Nice physics. 70%    80% Neat little game :) I almost gave up on it, but it has a fun factor. I'm sure this game could have been more fun to play, I found it hard to hit the ball, but I still hit it and it went up :) I can understand why some people like this.

Judge: Joakim Johnsson (jojoh)

Game Author Technical Score Technical Comment Presentation Score Presentation Comment Overall Score Overall Comment
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Mark Bernard 25%    35%    75% I am guessing that this type of game is not for everybody, but I quite liked it. The graphics is a bit rough and the gameplay suffers a bit from some smaller bug, like that previous orders are forgotten if a plane is selected. Also most of the flights just fly straight and only need to get altitude adjusted. So you could score high by just being lucky or vice versa. Still it is quite fun game and a good challenge.
Ascent gareth 25%    45%    60% Interesting idea with mixing some strategic ideas with a shoot em up. Graphics is functional but a bit crude because of its procedural nature. Instructions was very brief (lacking), but that is just a minor issue. OK gameplay, but doesn't quite come up to the level of the top games this year, because I felt it was an action game without action and the collision detection felt a little bit strange from time to time. I think that the basic idea has potential, but I would like to be more active somehow in the game.
Faeries catch Bonbon-Chan 45%    83%    70% One of the best looking games of this round. Clean and simple game and yet a bit of new ideas. The one drawback is that I prefer games that are easy to control and the game is difficult rather than the other way around. It is still quite cool the way things move and animate.
FkConflict Blaine Hodge 73%    79%    82% A very nice Risk clone. It has a very polished look and nice pan and zoom stuff going on. None of the simplifications seems like limitations, but rather speeds up the game. The only drawback is that it only has one difficulty level and is a bit too easy. I have not lost a game so far, but still go back to this game in between. Great!
Life as War Erik Hooijmeijer 65%    50%    62% This is a very interesting contribution. I would have liked for this game to be great because it makes use of simple rules to get lots of complex stuff happen, and that is a great accomplishment for a 4K game. But because of the complexity of things, it is very difficult to get to a point where there is a whole lot of strategy in playing the game. Every encounter seemed to be a 50-50 chance of "winning" so it takes very long time to end a game. I just figured out a few ways to produce lots of cells and then "harvesting" then to brute force attack the opponent. Maybe with some practice one could advance by just placing a cell here and there and that way win the battle, but I never got that far. The game felt otherwise surprisingly responsive to commands and it is almost great, but a bit chaotic to score highest marks.
Mini Golf Tim Foden 80%    70%    80% Very clever way of creating plenty and detailed content for a 4K game. Graphics is simplistic, but functional and naturally in 3D. Antialiasing would have been nice though. Golf games suffer a bit in single player only, but it has a very nice gameplay, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
PAC-RAT Glen Carter 60%    60%    76% Very impressive to cram in all this into 4K. The Graphics is even quite detailed (even though I would have preferred solid color walls rather than the noise stuff). Control is quite good and the "AI" and difficulty OK, could have been a bit harder. The speed seems to be a little bit uneven on higher levels and key response a bit hesitant for some reason, that draws down the overall feel, but nice with a lot of small touches like the eyes following me (or am I just imagining).
Pinball 4K Tom-Robert Bryntesen 85%    75%    90% Great!!! Probably my favorite game this year. The bounce and the feel of the game is way better than almost all other web based pinball games, 4K or not. It is amazingly complete and complex pinball for being 4K. The graphics is naturally simple, but very effective and pinball like. The tilt feature works very well and it doesn't drain in some stupid way as many other games. Great entertainment. Now make a "full version" with sound, ramps and ray traced images!!!
Scala Pong 4K Tom Palmer 20%    30%    35% I guess this was more of a tech demo than a game, just to see if this was possible, so scores are hurting a bit from that. The framerate seems very low as well, making it a bit uncomfortable to watch, and it doesn't seem to change the angle of the bounce depending on where the ball hits the paddle. Still a classic game and it works.
Sharp Shooter Mark Bernard 40%    60%    75% This is a quite nice contribution and clean and simple fun. The one problem I have with this game is that the mouse is too sensitive when scope is used. The typical way is that one can adjust the aim very finely when using scope, but that advantage is gone in this game. Still nice with semi transparency, zoom and more in a 4K game. Blowing things up is always fun.
Spiderball4k Måns Olson 60%    80%    85% One of the best games this year, with great feel to it, nice use of graphics and good maps. I have played several similar games on the web, and this probably beats every single one of them, and still only using 4K! This even has an upgraded version with additional maps to load if one gets bored with this one. Great!
Spingle Måns Olson 50%    90%    90% Some 4K games are impressive because they take a known and/or complex gameplay and shoehorn it into the 4K limit. This game on the other hand takes a very simple idea and adds to it (till it reaches the 4K limit). The first approach is impressive, but this approach produced a great game! Any further additions to the game probably wouldn't have added to the gameplay. The graphics is very nice, coherent and a bit retro in a good way (bubble bobble) and has a lot of small touches that really adds to the game. A perfect short break game! Lots of fun!
Switchboard Simon 35%    65%    65% This game has a lot of similarities to the Air Traffic Controller game. Great way to increase the stress level :) In general a pretty good game, but I guess I wasn't quite good enough at it to really appreciate it :( It felt a little bit too much as factory work to score really high. Still a pretty impressive game in 4K.
t4kns Markus Persson 87%    82%    78% Probably the most impressive game this year when it comes to amount of stuff crammed into 4K. The graphics is simple but very nice and adds to the game. The fog of war is quite impressive. This game genre is quite complex and it is very impressive to see that it is actually working quite fine, but at the same time one can tell that some hard decision had to be made to axe some features to make it fit, and gameplay is somewhat hit by that. Nevertheless it gets top technical achievement score from me. Very impressive.
TAtome Bonbon-Chan 30%    60%    55% Interesting idea, and fun to see it implemented, but I never quite got the hang of the game. I ended up just connecting one and two molecule objects together and then piling three and four molecule objects next to the chain to hopefully blow them away before they stack up too far. So for me the puzzle element never really came into play, and it was more of a wait for the single molecules to come to blow things up. I think that just some small mutation of the game could make it great.
The Puppet Master Morne Alberts 20%    45%    45% A new take on an old classic. The graphics runs a bit uneven on my machine, and drops the overall score as well a bit. Not my cup of tea, but I am sure some will like this game.
Thief4k Ulf Ochsenfahrt 35%    55%    72% This brings back memories of some old Atari ST game. I quite enjoyed that game, and did so with this game. The maps are quite important for this sort of game, and the final version of Thief 4K has really improved maps. The score drops a bit because the replay value is a bit low. There seems to be no randomness in the game and it is all about learning at what camera angle you are supposed to move in one direction. The first time playing through was great fun though.
war4k Michael Bliem 73%    95%    69% The "screenshot" of this game really doesn't make justice for the graphics, since this is one of the most amazing looking 4K games ever. It is a little bit too monochrome for me to give it absolute top mark, but it really gives it great atmosphere! Parallax fractal landscape in a 4K game, you have got to be mad. It is a bit confusing to start with, since you are supposed to shoot the grey things and avoid grey things and pick up grey things. It seems like the artistic aspect might have gotten priority over gameplay a little bit. Probably the most atmospheric 4K game ever.
Z4rch Simon 90%    85%    77% This game obviously looks amazing for being 4K. Nice 3D effects and good movements and colors. This is a rewrite of a 20 year old game and is still great fun. This game is however easier to control than the original, but it also limits the control a bit and I would also have liked a bit more action (moving around) to give it higher score. But it is a truly amazing game in a 4K competition.
4k - Balance Luis Javier López Arredondo 30%    72%    67% Decent cartooney 3D graphics and a game similar to one of the top awards a previous year. One difference compared to that game is that the viewpoint is a bit from the side and it is controlled by the mouse. This makes the game very difficult in the mode without walls, and a bit too easy with the walls. Other than that it's a great game.
Sling Tomas Aleus 40%    81%    71% Sling is a good example of how you can make a game look very nice with really simple means. I would have liked the view to be zoomed out a bit, since the ball was quite often outside of the screen for me. This game will grow on you since will need to be somewhat good at it to really enjoy it.

Judge: Kevin Glass (kevglass)

Game Author Technical Score Technical Comment Presentation Score Presentation Comment Overall Score Overall Comment
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Mark Bernard 30% Very simple technically, random spawns and simple tick based system. 60% Intentionally stylized graphics implemented well and presenting a consistent style (maybe reminiscent of the original). 45% Couldn't really play this as a game, the controls and feedback isn't intuitive. I took the time to read the instruction but still couldn't land a single plane even on easy mode. I could just be really bad but maybe the game is just too hard as it stands.
Ascent gareth 50% The use of pixel based levels, randomly generated passages is pretty good and can be fiddly to achieve a reasonable performance (this runs great for me) 55% The style while simple is neat and memorable. The story of the game is neat (escape from hell) and the theme stays consistent. 65% The game doesn't look fantastic, and isn't technically superb which makes it all the more surprising how much fun and how addicitive it is. I've escaped from hell a few times but have found myself coming back over and over again. Good Job!
Faeries catch Bonbon-Chan 30% Nothing to say technically. 65% The game is very simple but very pretty. It's nice to see a high quality of graphics provided in 4k. Consistent scheme. 40% It's pretty and feels like it could have become a great game (the current version can't be more than 3k), however it doesn't go anywhere or keep me playing. Levels would have helped (maybe I just didn't reach these?) or maybe some changes it game play. As it stands there isn't much game to this entry.
FkConflict Blaine Hodge 60% The visual representation her is deceivingly simple looking, however it would take some technical capability to produce something that's so slick. The AI is also pretty smart, good work for 4k. 75% Super slick, not a very complicated game but is here is done with a professional air. Very nice. 65% While the game is essentially risk “something” about the game is incredibly enticing, I ended up playing through two complete sessions before losing interest. Replay appeal is reasonably low at the moment though.
Life as War Erik Hooijmeijer 40% Nothing special. The AI is reasonable but doesn't seem to be particularly effective. Technically simple game. 45% Plain and simple look, nothing special here but does serve it's purpose and isn't bad. 45% The idea seems like it should work but what you end up with is a game in which you're never sure whats going on. It may be helped by more player feedback, maybe suggested plays or generations rather than just life and death. Overall at the moment the experience isn't enticing
Mini Golf Tim Foden 75% Clever use of fonts to produce levels. 3D is nice but slightly incorrect, suffers from fish eye. Responsive and good performance here. 60% Clean look but nothing special. Transition between levels is a bit average and displays while clean lack pizazz. 60% The game while playable does really excite. It's fun enough to complete once (score 33 here) but could do with more features to help replay value. Nice clean implementation and still impressive for 4k.
PAC-RAT Glen Carter 40% As a pac-man implementation it's ok, the ghost AI doesn't seem to be the same PM, but then maybe thats intentional. I'm surprised to see no level variation or pickups implemented in the 4k. 35% Level displays is clear and the vector characters are very simple. Would have been nice to see something clever done to make up for the fact this is essentially pacman. 35% It's pac-man, but a limited and static version. Different levels, opponents and some pick ups would have made this keep player's interest much longer. Give the quality of 4k games these days this needed to do a lot more to stand out.
Pinball 4K Tom-Robert Bryntesen 75% The physics here is great and the method seems really robust. The controls feel really responsive and the visuals seem incredibly performant for Java 2D. 80% Visually wonderfully, very nice style and really good visual feedback. The ball looks great but slightly breaks the scheme. 80% I played this for a good half hour, enjoying it all the way (best score: 411000). The game is well executed and keeps you coming back to beat the score. It could do with multiple tables and sound effects.
Scala Pong 4K Tom Palmer 10% Using scala is nice to see it done, but doesn't really rate much in a 4k game contest. 10% Graphics are extremely basic. Instructions in the title bar. Also seems to be a stuttering update/animation loop. 10% This appears to have been more of an experiment than an entry and it shows. There isn't much of a game. The instructions include a line that sums it up for me “Keep your own score if you want.”.
Sharp Shooter Mark Bernard 45% Neat implementation that works well though isn't technically challenging. Marked down slightly due to two bugs, one that between levels you're not zoomed out automatically and a crash with the message “coordinates out of bounds” in webstart (no stack trace) 65% I found this game very pleasing graphically, the zoom effect is well done and the targets are clean. The instructions at the top and bottom could have done with more, given how simple the game appears maybe a separate instructions screen with some difficulty setting would have given room for more graphical effects. 70% Playability-wise I'd rate this as one of the top games, it's really an illustration of how a very simple idea can still be a great fun game. It's not scored as high as it might simply because the game seems like quite a simple implementation and doesn't fill the space up with features or effects.
Spiderball4k Måns Olson 80% Another great physics and collision implementation, seems to be a pattern this year. It's a impressively complete implementation for 4k, it doesn't seem to have any faults or limitations. 70% Again a simple, modern and crisp style throughout Nothing amazing for 4k but still a very positive visual appearance. 90% Most playable and addictive game in the contest, wouldn't have been surprised to find this as a full game. For 4k this is extraordinarily polished and playable. It could have benefited from more level features, some sort of story and some sound effects. However, the numerous levels and great game play make up for it.
Spingle Måns Olson 50% Simple platformer implementation. Limited collision and interaction. No particular challenges overcome. 55% The game has an odd collision of graphics that seem to be symbolic but don't aid the player in understanding what's going on. The changing shades of the background sky is a nice touch though. 55% Jumping from platform to platform isn't exciting without a goal great than getting as high as possible. It's fun for a few minutes but it seems you get stuck with no where to go all to often. The game would have benefited from a series of goals (reach X height in Y time, or collection 10 coins or something).
Switchboard Simon 65% The user interface to this game is unique and probably took quite some fiddling with. Works really well though. The actual game implementation is quite simple but effective. 60% Switchboard has a great style which gives it a memorable style. The feedback on complete switch and failed ball is all obvious and clear. 70% A great puzzle game executed well. The games pace is just right making it always feel like a challenge. Another simple but great and addictive game.
t4kns Markus Persson 65% The amount this game tries to cram in is fantastic and some facets of it are amazing. The map generation and style, the rendering of the units and the AI is incredible for 4K. However, the path finding seems broken (causing units to get stuck quite often) and the lack of multi select make the game very hard to play. 75% The visual style is pleasant but doesn't really impress as much as previous Markus games. The high score here is simply because of quality are flexibility of the units and building rendering which must have been hard to achieve in the small space. 70% The game does play as a simple RTS but doesn't deliver much fun mostly due to the limitations placed on it through 4K. The lack of perfect path finding, multiple unit selection and map scrolling controls makes it very hard to enjoy this otherwise beautiful game.
TAtome Bonbon-Chan 40% A basic matching game, nothing new or challenging. 40% Visual style is good but doesn't inspire or make the game memorable. These sort of puzzle games generally need nice effects to give the player the buzz of success, these aren't present here. 40% The game works but I had to force myself to play the 10 minutes I'm giving every game. There just wasn't enough in this game to keep me interested. That said it is a perfectly fine implementation and may appeal to others.
The Puppet Master Morne Alberts 25% Use of the numpad only isn't smart with so many laptop users around these days. The animation is glitchy to the point where sometimes you miss movements. 30% Graphics work but aren't particularly please. Animation isn't smooth wins and loses not well displayed. The game could benefit from backgrounds, the crowd, bigger fonts and different puppets with different limbs on different levels. 30% The puppet master is a slow paced that takes a while to enjoy. Once the patterns get long enough there is a spark of enjoyment from successfully matching it but this doesn't make up for the lack of good graphics, exciting game play or extended features. A buffer storing the players response would be a welcome addition.
Thief4k Ulf Ochsenfahrt 75% The line of sight algorithm and guard/camera movement here is very clever. Very impressive game mechanic to have implemented in 4k so successfully 50% The graphic style is plain and simple but works for the game. The visualization of the view area of the guards and cameras is clean and intuitive. 85% I loved this game. While neither technically or visually is the game the best in the contest, game play wise it's very close. Very addictive and very well designed kept me playing for an hour or more and I still haven't completed the 5th gem.
war4k Michael Bliem 70% The game itself is a simple shooter but the technical challenge of making a game look this good in 4k is met. From the fractals in the background to the gentle smoking particle effects this game is technically superb. 95% War4k is a work art, it's absolutely beautiful and for 4K thats amazing. The smoked background, the tiny perfect sprites and the particle effects make this game look incredible. 80% This has to be one of the best 4k shooters ever. It's both beautiful and incredible play (though it seems to get stuck at the first boss type). The visuals are great, the controls are perfect and game balance feels great. Fantastic work!
Z4rch Simon 70% Whats been attempted here is difficult, a nice 3D renderer in 4K. The result is very nice looking (and reasonably accurate to the game it's based on) but the performance is pretty poor here on my high spec machine. The high mark is mostly due to having implemented this at all which itself is a significant technical challenge. 75% Great visuals, a game that could be believed to be a fully fledged game rather than a 4K entry. However, the performance of these visuals isn't balanced out against how good they look. Some of the beauty could have been lost to bring performance to more playable levels. 65% When the game was running well it played great and was thoroughly enjoyable. However, the performance dropped regularly during the play session most of the time rendering the game unplayable.
4k - Balance Luis Javier López Arredondo 65% Nice custom pseudo 3D renderer (might be full 3D but hard to tell with fixed view angle). The 3D seems a bit distorted but that might be intentional. Great to see another 3D game in the contest. Performance of rendering seems fine. Physics response seems limited to stop. 65% Good looking game, the shadow is a nice touch. The only fault for me is the red line indicating direction that doesn't seem to fit with the 3D rendering. The ball could do with some shading but the overall look is very good. 60% The look of the game is good and technically it's very competent but game doesn't provide much to keep players coming back. It would have been nice to have a target time on each level, maybe the ability to fall off the platform and some more level features (checkpoints, teleports, springs et al). A good game but game play that isn't representative of the time thats obviously be spent on the rendering.
Sling Tomas Aleus 65% Good physics again though they seem to be wild enough that the game becomes close to uncontrollable. They do seem to implemented flawlessly. 80% Really great slick style visuals, impressive for a normal game but amazing for something in 4k that still has game play. Crisp modern style really works in this sort of game. 65% The game looks great but doesn't seem to play very well. I gave the game 10 minutes of bashing around but didn't really get the feeling of having skill or control in the getting the ball higher. Best score so far was 17 and I've absolutely no idea how I managed that. Could probably be improved by a less frantic rope and maybe mouse control. Also might have been nice to have some other goal, like get the ball to fly through a set of points by hitting it just so. Still a fun but weird game though.

Judge: Matt Hicks (darkfrog)

Game Author Technical Score Technical Comment Presentation Score Presentation Comment Overall Score Overall Comment
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Mark Bernard 20%   10%   20% Not a very enjoyable game I didn't think and moderately complicated to figure out how to play.
Ascent gareth 50% You lose points for not making your JNLP 1.5+ and making me have to install 1.5 in addition to 1.6. 60%   55% Pretty nice idea for a game but I found the canon to be really hard to get used to and the keyboard movements way over sensitive so I crashed frequently when barely tapping.
Faeries catch Bonbon-Chan 70%   65%   70% Easy to figure out how to play, enjoyable, yet difficult. Nice work. Only bad thing was that on a really high resolution (1920x1200) those stars are hard to see and you can't change the resolution.
FkConflict Blaine Hodge 90%   85%   90% Very impressive work. I thought about reducing your overall score for making me play this game for an hour, but I ended up winning, so you get credit for a very well conceived game. The only negative was confusion knowing where I could attack.
Life as War Erik Hooijmeijer 60%   60%   60% Interesting game
Mini Golf Tim Foden 90%   85%   90% Very nice work. Excellent work for under 4k. Enjoyable game. My best score was 23. :)
PAC-RAT Glen Carter 75%   70%   75% Nice work. The controls were less responsive than I would have liked, but I seem to recall the same dilemma in PAC-Man, so good work.
Pinball 4K Tom-Robert Bryntesen 75%   70%   75% Good work. I love pinball games but the controls were really a pain. Perhaps left and right CTRL would have been a better choice?
Scala Pong 4K Tom Palmer 50%   50%   50% Nice effort, but honestly very boring since the paddles don't move fast enough to even be possible to catch a lot of the balls.
Sharp Shooter Mark Bernard 70%   65%   70% Great idea for a game, but thought the actual playing was annoying that you had to toggle back and forth to the scope.
Spiderball4k Måns Olson 95%   95%   95% Amazing game. Very well done. Definitely my favorite so far. This would be a great concept to turn into a larger game.
Spingle Måns Olson 80%   90%   87% Cool game. Only negative criticism is up pausing the game got really annoying since I kept accidentally hitting it while using left and right arrow keys.
Switchboard Simon 75%   70%   75% Fun game. I couldn't ever figure out why sometimes the connection would go to the upper connection rather than the bottom connection, but enjoyable to play.
t4kns Markus Persson 85%   85%   85% Great job for a 4k game. I think fitting in names for things would have been a necessary item to get into this game though. With some extra work this could turn into a nice full-scale game. I was a big fan of Dune2, so this was a lot of fun for me.
TAtome Bonbon-Chan 75%   75%   75% The falling up rather than down really threw me off, and the possibility to put something so it could never be removed (something facing a point to the wall) was pretty annoying, but a fun game over-all.
The Puppet Master Morne Alberts 70%   60%   65% Interesting repeat style game. Moderately fun, but about the simplicity that would be expected in your average 4k game.
Thief4k Ulf Ochsenfahrt 90%   90%   90% Unique game. The mouse pointer following was a little difficult at times. I kept wanting to try to make it move faster by moving the cursor further away, but extremely fun game. Couldn't quite beat the last level though.
war4k Michael Bliem 80%   80%   80% Loved the background drawing. Very nice soft imagery but I think the game could have used a little bit of a color. Also, the key presses were too responsive I thought. Fun game, but wish there was some notification at the end of Easy. ;)
Z4rch Simon 85%   75%   80% Great concept and an amazing work for 4k, but really had issues with depth and at times thrust would just stop responding and I'd fall out of the sky.
4k - Balance Luis Javier López Arredondo 85%   80%   85% Technically this was well designed, but I thought the game play was pretty boring in general. Racing against time is not really a good motivator and there's no way to lose.
Sling Tomas Aleus 90%   80%   85% This was a great idea for a game, but got really annoying very quickly using the keyboard. If you could use the mouse this would have been awesome to play. Very nice job on the physics.

Judge: Chris Melissinos (ChrisM)

Game Author Technical Score Technical Comment Presentation Score Presentation Comment Overall Score Overall Comment
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Mark Bernard 75% Complex gameplay system for such a game. Having alt, dir and speed is great, interesting to see speed included. 50% Functional and descriptive, but minimal. 70% A bit difficult to pick up and play, but I can see hardcore sim folks liking this. Great use of limited graphics for indicators. Difficulty harder than most in the competition.
Ascent gareth 60% Nice randomness to the caves, but not much else. Ok use of sound. Collision detection on everything but your ship was non-existent 30% Instructions were not clear at all and I am still at a loss on how to achieve points.... 30% No real “game” here to speak of. Timed charges seems like a nice invention, just should have wrapped a game around this.
Faeries catch Bonbon-Chan 60% No audio, difficult controls, bubble would disappear off the side of the screen. 40% Instructions clear, but no telling how the round ends. Cute idea, but needs a lot of work. 40% Simple animations work here but the controls are a mess. Complexity and difficulty should never be due to poor controls.
FkConflict Blaine Hodge 80% Great game jammed in a small footprint! Zooming is really smooth and game is easy to follow. 70% Simple graphics are effective and easy to follow. Zoom effect is, again, nice. 60% No audio, simple graphics. But good strategy and nice effects like zooming keep this one up.
Life as War Erik Hooijmeijer 70% Good use of timer, build up and “score” tracking Overly simplistic and was able to beat the board in mostly straight lines. 80% Title screen! Simple to understand interface and easy to pick up and play. Actually mesmerizing to watch the playfield. 60% Simple to play, but will be confusing to players not familiar with Life.
Mini Golf Tim Foden 85% WOW! 3D was fantastic! Zooming, rotating, physics, all top notch! Did not expect this at all! 90% VERY easy to pick up and play, graphics easy to understand Fantastic job! 90% Gameplay is top notch. Power meter is easy to understand. Ball movement very smooth. Only thing to add would be a distance meter. Superb!
PAC-RAT Glen Carter 75% Good looking graphics, but some problems. Vulnerable cats did not look blue until the end of their timer, some control issues, and no AI to speak of. This is a game that needs audio. 75% It's PacMan. One thing I did like was the use of the color “noise” for the walls. Reminded me of Yar's Revenge :) 50% No audio hurt this score. Movement issues as well and no real AI or speed changes to challenge the player.
Pinball 4K Tom-Robert Bryntesen 95% AMAZING! Huge playfield, SMMOOOTH scrolling, amazing physics, razor sharp physics. One of the best 4K games I have ever seen. 90% Game ball launched on me immediately, was not ready to start :) Needs some audio, even just bleeps. 95% Fantastic, deep pinball game. Puts the old 8bit pins to rest. Inclusion of audio and this would have been perfect!
Scala Pong 4K Tom Palmer 0% Not Java 0% Not Java 0% Not Java
Sharp Shooter Mark Bernard 70% Good use of audio and motion. Smooth animation and responsive controls. 80% Simple but functional. Very clear interface and easy to understand scoring (inner, outer, bullseye). + audio! 75% Fun for a few min, but starts to get frustrating quickly.
Spiderball4k Måns Olson 90% OH! I really like this one. Excellent graphics, physics are superb, “3D” walls are nice. Intuitive controls. Very good! 90% Great graphics, smooth movement, easy to understand. Reminded me of “N+”. Did not even notice that there was no audio while playing. Mark of really good gameplay :) 90% Lots of fun! Quick to pick up and really entertaining. Lots of “AAGGH! ALMOST” moments here. Would love to see this expanded into a bigger game (16K perhaps?)
Spingle Måns Olson 90% Great use of physics and animation. No audio. 90% Great graphics! Reminds me of a Nintendo game (good for WiiWare?). Love the animations and sky change. Excellent! 90% Great gameplay, easy to understand. Bubble ledges makes for great strategy and is a really addictive game. Good job!
Switchboard Simon 70% Good use of movement and complexity. No audio in a game called “Switchboard”? 70% Difficult to get started. Interface is not intuitive enough. Graphics are simple but functional. 60% High frustration when starting out. Difficult to understand the socket mechanics at first blush. Difficulty level increase is too steep.
t4kns Markus Persson 95% Where to start? Fog of war, great graphics, deep gameplay, etc. Amazing. 95% Only thing missing here is audio. 100% What can I say? This is a fully functional mini-RTS in 4K. Astounding!
TAtome Bonbon-Chan 70% Good use of the tech, large sprites for the pieces and scrolling starfield. 70% Serviceable graphics and visuals. Moving from bottom to top, however, took some getting used to. Moving from the regular convention to that was unnecessary. 50% Mix of 2 puzzle mechanics is an interesting idea, but seems to fall flat here. Difficulty level too high to get started.
The Puppet Master Morne Alberts 50% No advanced used of tech here. Very simple. 50% No audio, no control of the puppet, just canned animation based on kep input. 20% It's “Simon like”, without audio. The fact that each turn generates a new pattern means that there is no real challenge here. Needs work.
Thief4k Ulf Ochsenfahrt 65% Good use of motion and AI 50% Easy to understand, but no “polish” to speak of. Audio would have been nice. 70% Good challenge here, especially for those of us who grew up on stealth games.
war4k Michael Bliem 90% Parallax in a 4K? Great use of graphics and particle effects. 70% Easy to understand. It's a schmup :) 70% Fun to play for a wile. The collision is a bit off, but cute shooter none the less.
Z4rch Simon 100% What an amazing 3D game in 4K. I am blown away by the smoothness and responsiveness of this game. Amazing! 90% Controls take some getting used to, but overall this is top notch! 95% Game is DIFFICULT, but you are so taken in by the environment that you don't care. I am going to be playing this for quite a while!
4k - Balance Luis Javier López Arredondo 70% Interesting pusdo-3D tech. Graphics a bit small, making control more difficult. 60% Simple functional graphics. 30% No game here, just a tech demo. Can't fall off the sides = no challenge. Tilt! did this much better in previous comps...
Sling Tomas Aleus 75% Really good physics system and responsive controls. HiRez graphics nice :) 40% Really difficult to “get” what you are trying to do here. Cute graphical flourishes like particles when hitting the grass. 40% Again, not a real game, just kind of like bouncing a ball outside :) Controls are very difficult to the point that they detract from the gameplay.