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Maze 4K (

By MdotEdot, submitted on Dec 22, 2009
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2010 Competition.

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You control 4 pawns. One
of them needs to get to the
golden circle

LowScore List:

Level 01=011
Level 02=006
Level 03=011
Level 04=016
Level 05=029
Level 06=033
Level 07=046
Level 08=023
Level 09=064
Level 10=071
Level 11=082
Level 12=097
Level 13=103
Level 14=076
Level 15=086
Level 16=049


The object of the game is to
create paths for your pawns.
You cannot cross a previous
path and you need to avoid
obstacles. You can use objects
to make paths across water and
holes. Switches need to be walked
on in order for fences to

Use the mouse to click on the
pawn you wish to move. You
move the mouse to form a path.
You can go back the path to
remove previous steps.

When you are on the destination
click the mouse.

If you click on the pawn again
the previous path gets removed
and you can start a new path.

Once all the paths are correct
you push the START button to
see if you can reach the target.

If a path gets obstructed it
turns to red and you need to
correct it to continue.

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