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By ctomni231, submitted on Dec 1, 2012
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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Life is boring. Escape Reality! Release the colors in this dark and meaningless world. Use your cursor to destroy the brightly colored rings!

Losing? Here is a little bit of hints:
- Try clicking and exploding one ring at a time.
- Red rings increase time the fastest.
- Your goal is to fill the timer bar at the top with color. (More gray = bad!)
- Speed and accuracy are very important when chaining rings together!
- Select and destroy rings quickly to fill the timer bar fast and progress through the levels (and unlock power-ups).
- Linking rings is high risk, high reward; Link rings without missing a click to save precious time.
- Aim for red, orange, and yellow rings when low on time to stay in the game longer.
- Green, Blue, and Purple rings are excellent for breaking new high scores.

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Left-Click: Select Rings
You can select as many as you want causing them to link. Linking rings causes your time to drain. Time will drain slowly as long as you are accurate.

Right-Click: Destroy All Rings
To stop time from dropping, you must destroy the linked rings. All linked rings explode together in chains. Each ring holds a time and score value which is added to your time and score.

Score Value: [Red - 10] [Orange - 20] [Yellow - 30] [Green - 40] [Blue - 50] [Purple - 60]
The higher the Score value of a ring, the less time value it has when destroyed. Red rings produce the highest time.

Timer Bar: Fill up the timer bar at the top with color to progress through the levels. If the timer bar loses all the color, you lose the game. In the middle of the timer bar is your score.

Power-ups: They are located randomly in the center of rings. Power-ups are unlocked as you progress through the levels. Diamond shaped ones affect the score, Hourglass ones affect the time.

- Bonus Reel: Adds 100 points of score or time to bonus reel. Known to increase in value the longer you last in the game.
- #x Chain: This multiplies the score and time value of rings by a "#" multiplier value.
- Bomb-Clear: Maximizes the value of rings and has a high chance of exploding all visible rings on screen, but it only affects either score or time.

The more rings you link together, the more powerful power-ups become. All power-ups are cumulative and can combine to make really powerful effects. Try not to explode power-up links for as long as you can!

To quit in-game: Hold down right mouse button for ~5 sec over the timer bar.

To win: Get to level 7 - You're a master of the game...
To slaughter: Get to level 13 - You're just insane!

Thanks for playing Ringvibe! Good Luck!

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#1 By dapy Mar 11, 2013 at 22:51:57
score 20310, level 5 nice game, very polished!

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